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THE FLASH 2014 TV SERIES: Official “Promo/Trailer” Grant Gustin [HD]

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Why do you think that the chance of canon destiel will happen & when? How far will they show canon destiel ie touching, kissing, sex, dialogue? Do you think the actors will be comfortable with it? Will it be a good investment for spn/cw for canon destiel or bad. In ur honest opinion what are the pros/cons. Why are we seeing more destiel contents in the media, actors twitting bout it? And Robbie wit his Pro Cas tweets. I will be asking others too. TY



Oooohhh I love this stuff. OK THEN, LETS SEE.

Chances of canon Destiel? Very very good.  I wouldn’t say it’s guaranteed, because you never know, but everything seems to be implying that they are very, very likely to be going there, barring the network getting cold feet, things like that.  So I’d say there’s a good 70-80% chance of it happening, at least (though bear in mind that I am a LOT more optimistic than most, so I might be overestimating a lot).  As for how explicit? I don’t know. I imagine there will certainly be non-ambiguous dialogue.  There’s already a ton of very intimate touching between them (Dean cupping Cas’ face when he died, Cas holding Dean’s hand rather than his wrist when seeing the MoC in 9.18), so I presume that would continue.  Kissing? Again, depends on a bunch of things, including how far the network is willing to go.  I mean, it shouldn’t even be an issue, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be. I have confidence that we’ll get at least one kiss, but I’m still only 50/50 on that. Sex scene? Again, if it was in the same style as any other sex scene we’ve I would say that no way should it be an issue, but it likely will be, so I can’t see it happening.  That’s one I’d love to be proven wrong on though, because it would be actual true representation by having the exact same level of standards for all couples.

The actors? We’re all pretty sure Misha is comfortable with it, because he has said he’s got no problems at all, so he’s not really an issue.  Jensen likes to avoid talking about it, which some interpret to mean that he’s uncomfortable with the idea.  I don’t think he is, I just think he’s uncomfortable talking about it in front of fans because he’s incredibly non-confrontational.  He’s a bit of a dark horse, we really don’t know what he thinks.  But he is a very good actor, and more importantly a very professional actor, and my opinion is that no, he wouldn’t have any issues doing what the s/l called for, and he wouldn’t have any issues with that story line. His acting choices have been in line with eventual canon explicit Destiel, and also imo are also in line with an implicit romantic relationship right now, so I don’t think the actors are anything to worry about in that regard.

It would be a hugely good investment for the CW to make.  This is something that to my knowlege hasn’t been done on network television before, to have a canonically bisexual, macho lead who isn’t a walking stereotype and who isn’t defined by his sexuality.  Because that’s what people who are against this relationship tend to forget - this wouldn’t turn Supernatural into the Dean & Cas Show.  It would still be the same, Dean would still be Dean, it’d just be a new bit of information to incorporate into the whole.  That is it.  From a network perspective it would gain a whole new set of viewers & interest, at least some of whom would stick around after the buzz died down.  Most of the current viewers would stay if the TV Guide poll is anything to go by, and any that were lost would be more than countered by the new viewers.  And extra eyeballs = extra advertising revenue for them, so from their POV I don’t see any real downside.  It would be a positive story line, revolving around love, so it’s not like they’d have advertisers protesting on mass.  Especially given the CWs target audience, which tends towards supporting gay rights anyway.

And lastly, I’m of the opinion that the increase in Destiel/Cas-friendly stories in the media is part of a softening up campaign on the part of the network.  Casual viewers don’t notice quite as much as the more heavily invested fandom viewers, so by putting it out there it makes people take more notice, get emotionally invested, start rooting for them to get together & finally support it when it does become canon.  There have been a lot of casual viewers that are starting to notice it, mainly in S8, but even in S9 more and more people are starting to pick up on the decidedly romantic tint that those two have been given, so I’d say it’s working.

[EDIT] So my bestest S9 apologist bff jeremycarversweaterfetish has this to say about the potential for Destiel sex scenes under the Carver era:

"Throughout the Kripke and Gamble eras SPN sex scenes were what I’ll call network TV explicit. Shirtless dudes, writhing, etc. Carver comes in, and one of the many tone shifts he’s taken has been his approach to sex scenes. Namely that we haven’t seen them in action. Even in 9.03 it was a tasteful fade away. Sam and Amelia we saw the morning after with her in his shirt. Dean and Suzy we saw the before and after and Dean never even took off his shirt. NOW. You could go "Maybe the fellas just don’t want their shirts off." Except Cas had his shirt off. Dean had the shower scene. Implied nudity isn’t the issue. And we know it isn’t the network, sex is one of the CW’s main commodities. So, why the Carver sex scene tonal change? Because networks are only willing to go so far with m/m couples. So how do you make Destiel go from it’s current implicit canon to explicit canon without getting accused of gross double standards? You shift the tone of all your het sex scenes first."

THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER. And pretty much explains everything, and changes my opinion on a Destiel sex scene to YES, I think it is quite likely that we will get one.
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jim beaver you are so fabulous

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game of thrones hogwarts au

jon snow puts on the sorting hat

“ahh, you must be ned stark’s bastard”

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#auditioning for the role of motherfucker that stole my heart forever

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Whoops… my hand slipped. 

No but this is my thought process during that scene I don’t even know okay. 

I’m sorry.

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Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog


Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog

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